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About The Sanakey

What Is The Sanakey?

The Sanakey is the latest development in personal pain relief therapy utilising bio-feedback neuro stimulation. The device not only provides direct therapeutic effect at the point of pain, but also activates the natural defenses of the body

How does The Sanakey work?

The Sanakey bio-feedback neuro stimulator uses high amplitude, high density, control pulse stimulation to cutaneous nerves, activating the body's natural pain relieving and self regulation mechanisms.

Who can be helped with ​Sanakey?

Those who have acute or chronic pain where previous or current treatments have failed including sports injuries, chronic back and neck pain conditions and neuropathic pain

How is The Sanakey applied?

The Sanakey bio-feedback neuro stimulator applies treatment to the local painful area directly to the skin, anywhere on the body without the need for conductive gels. For awkward locations extension leads connect to self adhesive stimulator pads.

How We Can Help You

You can order the Sanakey directly from us for your own use at home. We have a helpline to support you should you require advice and guidance in the use of the Sanakey. Alternatively, we can assess and treat you at our Clinic in London or we can refer you to the Clinics of our trained Health Professionals throughout the UK. Please 'click' on the 'Practitioners' tab at the top of this page to find your nearest Practitioner.

As responsible clinicians we of course recognise that medication has a vital role to play in the treatment of pain, but sometimes long term reliance on drugs can have devastating side effects, such as altered mood, addiction and other physiological factors which can have a negative effect on lifestyle and general well being. Sanakey bio-feedback neuro stimulation provides an ethical and safe alternative to pain medication. We would always advise, however, that you consult with your GP before changing or withdrawing from any prescribed medication.

The first step is to call us now for a free and confidential telephone consultation to determine how suitable our SANAKEY bio-feedback neuro stimulation is for treating your pain condition

0207 467 8536
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SANAKEY is effective in the treatment of ALL types of pain including:

Sports Injuries

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Back Pain

Knee Pain




Headaches & Migraines

Neuropathic Pain

Dental Pain

Tennis & Golfer's elbow

General aches and pain

Aggravated joint pain

Post operative pain

Our Team

Raymond Francis


Consultant Psychotherapist

Specialist Pain Relief Therapist

​Programme Director

Bahareh Haghighat-Khah


Consultant Psychotherapist and Pain Therapist

Debra Graham

I.T.E.C Dip.Anatomy, Physiology and Massage

Certified Scenar Therapist and Trainer

Specialist Pain Relief Therapist

Chris Mortensen

Chris Mortensen BA. Psych.

Senior Pain Therapy Consultant

Dr Sue Peacock

PhD, CPsychol, AFBPsS, AdvDipH.

Consultant Health Psychologist

​Specialist Pain Relief Therapist